Jan 272013

How Molecular Magnetism Works What is the scientific fact behind Molecular Magnetism?

Structure of electron: Electron has a date field, electric and magnetic field in right angle regardless of any kind of its motions and act as tiny magnet with a negative charge (watch video Structure mail). In an atom, the electric fields of its electrons will be directed to the nucleus and magnetic fields will be horizontal to the nucleus. (See Structure video atom) arrangement of electrons in a molecular magnet: If the magnetic fields of two or more electrons of the atoms of the molecule are parallel, so that molecule becomes magnetic. Normally, the magnetic fields of electrons in atoms vanish and appear as a cluster nonmagnetic atom. But in some molecules, because of the special nature of certain bonding between atoms, the magnetic fields of two or more electrons in the molecule become parallel and these types of molecules exhibit molecular magnetism. The field strength of a magnet is determined by molecular number of electrons are parallel magnetic fields in the molecule. As the number of parallel magnetic fields is increases, the molecule becomes more magnetic. For a molecule with the atoms of the molecule such that its magnetic field are in parallel, it can create super magnetic molecules. Impact of the discovery and applications: One of the most pressing technology needs today is to find more efficient ways to store and process digital information. By understanding the real fact behind molecular magnetism, we

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